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Olitrem - Hotels and Restaurants Equipment

Olitrem - Equipamento de Hotelaria e Restauração

Olitrem - Indústria de Refrigeração, S.A. is vocationed to project, production,commercialization and assistance of cold and hostel equipment, in general.
This company, appears as the continuation of a previous company, Marecos Ltd, whose origin dates back to 1964, in Luanda, Angola, and founded by Armando Ferreira Marecos.

The action field of the company is essentially the Industrial and Commercial Cold for Hospitality and Catering industry, carrying the accumulated experience of many years of activity, opening for itself each time more space in the market, that allows at this point be one of the largest companies in this industry in Portugal.

Olitrem - Industrial Refrigeration, SA, wants to continue to maintain and develop its position in the market where it operates, with an increase of its business to be achieved through continuous improvement of its products, services and introduction of new models.

In this spirit of growth, the company can not remain indifferent to the development of the market and is therefore deeply committed to achieving his objectives and will do everything to make them reality.




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