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Dunavox Wine Coolers

Dunavox Wine Coolers

For nearly 20 years, the award-winning Dunavox wine cooler brand has been associated with professional storage and refrigeration solutions for wine at home - Dunavox has been at the forefront of development and is known for its minimalist, yet functional interior design that are practical, with the latest technology and energy efficiency.
As a result of a recent business expansion, the highest rated wine cooler across Europe, with more than 50 premium models, are now available through its global network of distributors, as well as through five Dunavox subsidiaries - all of which will provide high-quality technical support and after-sales service.

Dunavox wine cooler are designed to mimic the functions of a wine cellar. There is a balance of light, temperature and humidity where your wine collection can be safely stored. A wine cellar is a difficult thing to incorporate into an existing home and is usually located in the basement, meaning that a Dunavox cellar is the perfect solution to safely store your wines for years to come.

Have you ever been impressed to see how a wine cooler can create such a dynamic space, offering countless possibilities in terms of design? It's almost like painting on a canvas, where you can unleash your imagination.
You probably wouldn't want it to look like an alien compared to your home design.
Instead, appearance should be an integral part of your interior design sketch. One of the best advantages of having a wine cellar is that it creates a luxurious and sophisticated interior at the same time.
Take pride in the living room and create a statement of luxury and class.

Having fun indoors and experimenting in the kitchen with special and complex ingredients has become more popular than ever, giving greater meaning to drinking quality wine.
And of course there's nothing better than taking a sip from a glass of wine that has been poured into the correct glass, perfectly chilled and properly aged.




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