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Caple Wine Coolers

Caple Wine Coolers

Caple's wine coolers create the best storage conditions for your wine, ideal temperature, humidity and air circulation. They use low vibration technology to minimize disturbances. And of course they are beautiful.

If you have invested a lot of time and money in your wine, you will also want the perfect place to store it. As all wines react to the environment, the Caple wine coolers is a must for anyone who wants to enjoy all the aroma and flavor of a good bottle.

We know how important a good wine collection is, which is why Caple wine coolers are specifically designed to keep it in perfect condition.

Wine coolers are full of features, so there's no better way to have perfectly chilled drinks to serve whenever you want.

Cooking is often the heart of a good party. So choose an elegant, versatile wine cellar designed for the serious artist. Caple wine coolers adapt to any type of occasion, large or small.

They are also very flexible if you need space to relax with soft drinks or other cold drinks. You can simply convert the interior by adding an optional translucent glass shelf, freeing up space in the refrigerator.




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