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AEG Home Appliances

Aeg EletrodomésticosIt may seem incredible today, but there was a time when the artistic merit and aesthetic sense were largely considered irrelevant in industrial production. There was little harmony between form and function when it was mass-produced goods. At least it was so until 1907, when AEG appointed a visionary German architect as artistic consultant.

The paradigm shift that Behrens applied in AEG and with the conception of German industrial design as a whole was based on the notion of developing household appliances taking into account not only the aesthetics but also the specific object function. It has changed the form of functional objects in a manner which is also visible now - the innovative concepts developed by AEG designers.

We design products for the twenty-first century, inspired by an outstanding figure in the history of Germany and of AEG: Peter Behrens, the founder of industrial design and the spiritual father of the current AEG design team.



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